The Pack

Welcome to the YouTube Pack

The YouTube Pack is a group of Social Media Content Creators.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide exceptional Social Media Content.
  • Provide information on the best automotive events and content.
  • Develop a support structure for Social Media Creators and seek to find the best venues and collaborations.
  • Offer a source for automotive apparel, accessories, parts and modifications for vehicles and car lovers.


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Have Us at Your Event


Prior to your event:

  • Dedicated Social Media personalities to Promote Your Event.
  • Prior promotion on our social media channels to notify our subscribers, followers, friends and viewers that we will have a booth at your event and come out and meet us.
  • Website listing of your event with notification that we will be attending.

Day of:

  • We will set up a booth at your event and be accessible to both fans and spectators but cannot be near any DJ or copyrighted sounds.
  • We will record your event and offer to place spectators on our channel. They will have an opportunity to be placed in a video on one or more of the YouTube Pack Channels.
  • We will record other activities of your event for videos on our channels.
  • Place LIVE video & pictures on YouTube, Instagram twitter and Facebook showing us at the event. (depends on cellular coverage in the area)

After the event:

  • Video coverage of the event will be posted on our YouTube pages and promoted across social media platforms sharing your event coverage.
  • Video link will be added to your event on The Pack’s official events page.
  • We encourage you to share the videos with your followers and use the YouTube links to promote your event in years to come.

Contact us below to discuss if we are able to come to your event and promote it!