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Youtube Content Creators
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We are currently seeking new YouTube members to add to the team. Applicants should enjoy cars and have a YouTube channel with regular uploads. New Members should have at least 100 Subscribers and 100 Videos posted for consideration. Members are expected to continue to post frequent content and remain in good standing on YouTube and the club. For consideration, your channel should demonstrate a consistent growing trend in views and subscribers.

Members channels do not have to be car related content but members should be a car enthusiast and comfortable adding car related content to their channel in some form. i.e a beauty channel could have content on what to wear at a car show, make up for a car show, how to get noticed at a car show, etc… Work the theme into some of your videos so we can leverage you to attend events and be a draw for us. In the future we will be adding other niches as interests develop.

As a member, you are expected to promote the club on your YouTube page. We will assist you in adding members in the Channels Selection Module. You are expected to assist in the growth of the club and members in the club. You are expected to recruit new members that fit our criteria and assist the growth and mentoring of new youtuber members. This can be done through advice, collaborations and introductions at events.

Please include your Social Media links you would like on the channel

Other Social Media Accounts

Not a Youtuber but still want to be a part of the group? We are looking for people and businesses we can leverage to grow everyones social media accounts. What can you offer us? exposure? product for review? Modeling? Hair and makeup artists? If you have an idea on how we can grow together than we want to hear about it.